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Official Welcome to /r/SelfHosted! Please Read This First


Welcome to /r/selfhosted!

We thank you for taking the time to check out the subreddit here!


The concept in which you host your own applications, data, and more. Taking away the "unknown" factor in how your data is managed and stored, this provides those with the willingness to learn and the mind to do so to take control of their data without losing the functionality of services they otherwise use frequently.

Some Examples

For instance, if you use dropbox, but are not fond of having your most sensitive data stored in a data-storage container that you do not have direct control over, you may consider NextCloud

Or let's say you're used to hosting a blog out of a Blogger platform, but would rather have your own customization and flexibility of controlling your updates? Why not give WordPress a go.

The possibilities are endless and it all starts here with a server.

Subreddit Wiki

There have been varying forms of a wiki to take place. While currently, there is no officially hosted wiki, we do have a github repository. There is also at least one unofficial mirror that showcases the live version of that repo, listed on the index of the reddit-based wiki

Since You're Here...

While you're here, take a moment to get acquainted with our few but important rules

When posting, please apply an appropriate flair to your post. If an appropriate flair is not found, please let us know! If it suits the sub and doesn't fit in another category, we will get it added! Message the Mods to get that started.

If you're brand new to the sub, we highly recommend taking a moment to browse a couple of our awesome self-hosted and system admin tools lists.

Awesome Self-Hosted App List

Awesome Sys-Admin App List

Awesome Docker App List

In any case, lot's to take in, lot's to learn. Don't be disappointed if you don't catch on to any given aspect of self-hosting right away. We're available to help!

As always, happy (self)hosting!

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Official The Subreddit Will Go On - The Community Must Be Put First


Hey /r/selfhosted

The community has been split on what's next for /r/selfhosted.

For every good idea on how to replace/move/handle Reddit and its community of devoted users, there are just as many people for it as there are against it.

I had plans to put up a poll, but enough dissonance and fracturing has been clearly made apparent through just comments and what discussion has been had here and on the discord channel that there's only one way to move forward.

The Show Must Go On

The moderator team here is a team of Reddit Moderators, and that is what we will continue to be. The community was right, and we have no right as the stewards of this community to withhold its function from its users.

We tried. We really, really tried, but it's time to move on and continue our efforts.

For those of you who wish to move to other platforms, we wish you the best of luck!

As of now, the subreddit has been re-opened and will continue to remain so for the foreseeable future.

External Communities And Resources

I will link here a series of non-Reddit communities as a starting point for those wishing to leave Reddit and find new homes. We wish you all the best!

The subreddit now has an official discourse instance, thanks to a generous discord user

If you know of a community that is a good fit here, please comment and I will add it here.

I am sorry, /r/selfhosted. We really, really did try.

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Release MedusaJS: What we shipped in the past 12 weeks to our open-source commerce toolbox


Hello, I'm Nick, co-founder of Medusa. In keeping with our tradition, we are excited to share our progress on our open-source commerce SDK with this wonderful community. We eagerly want your feedback!

We built Medusa to give developers the best foundation for building custom digital commerce applications. We do this by providing the backend primitives needed in modern commerce setups (e.g. cart, customer, channel, order logic) along with the tools to help orchestrate and customize these.

Below is an overview of what we shipped with Recap 3 over the past 12 weeks.


Workflows SDK: A new primitive in our toolbox, making it simple to build custom commerce flows involving multiple systems. Workflows orchestrate actions across your stack with built-in retries and rollbacks. Check out our Workflow animation or read the announcement.


API Routes, Subscribers, and Scheduled Jobs: Extending Medusa with custom functionality has been made simpler with three major DX improvements:

• API Routes: Add custom endpoints for bespoke logic or webhooks (announcement)

• Subscribers: React to events from across your commerce stack (announcement)

• Scheduled Jobs: Run logic to complete planned tasks (announcement)


Pricing module: Our new Pricing Module offers granular pricing control and configuration. Similar to our Product and Inventory modules, the Pricing module can run standalone in any Node project or combination with other Medusa modules.


Next.js Storefront Starter: Our Storefront Starter got a major update just before the Recap. The Starter now supports Next.js 14, enhanced product search, Medusa's latest features and modules, and got a redesign using our new UI components. Visit it here.


Ecommerce recipes: You can build various digital commerce applications with Medusa - Ecommerce, marketplaces, B2B commerce, PoS systems, B2B shops, subscriptions, and much more. Our new Recipes give you a starting point for each of these. Read our Recipes.


More custom Admin: Our Admin dashboard is more customizable than ever with:

• Widgets & UI Routes: Customize existing pages through Widgets or create completely new Admin pages using UI Routes (docs)

• Multi-language support: Translate the Admin into your preferred language with 15 translations already available (announcement)

• Medusa UI: Build Admin Extensions with the same look and feel as the Medusa Admin using our new component library (docs)


And a lot more: We continuously improve. Here are some of all the other things that came out:

• Auth methods: New authentication methods and stronger security foundation.

• Bulk Editor: A spreadsheet-like UX for creating and editing prices.

• Price Lists: Differentiate prices based customer groups, channels, and more.

• Import/Export: Load data into Medusa faster and use custom parsing strategies.

• API Reference Docs: Revamped design and more performant than ever.


If you want to know more about our future direction, check out our article Toward Medusa 2.0.

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Need Help Should I be using a unified Docker-Compose.yml?


I've been using docker for the last 2-3 years in ubuntu, last year I moved from setting up each instance with the docker CLI to docker-compose.

When I want to start up a new container, I create a new docker compose file in its own folder, add the info for the container I want, then launch it. If I need to modify any network or environmental variable I do that in portainer.

Would it be better to have a single docker compose with all of the containers listed?

Would it be better to have docker compose files for each set of containers that interact with each other?

Would it be better to keep using a new compose file for all of my containers?

Edit: Services Active

  • Actual (x2)
  • audiobookshelf
  • Cloudflared
  • PiHole
  • Plex
  • Tandoor & Postgres
  • Trillium (x2)

These all use cloudflared for routing since i'm behind a shared CGNAT (thanks starlink)

Then I have game servers

  • Playit.gg
  • Minecraft (x2)

r/selfhosted 10h ago

This Week in Self-Hosted (8 December 2023)


Happy Friday, r/selfhosted! Below is a link to This Week in Self-Hosted, a weekly newsletter recap of the latest activity in self-hosted software.

This week's features include:

  • The latest news in self-hosted software
  • Noteworthy software updates, launches, and events
  • Featured content generated by the self-hosted community
  • A spotlight on LinkStack, an audiobook and podcast streaming server

As usual, feel free to reach out with questions or comments about the newsletter. Thanks!

This Week in Self-Hosted (8 December 2023)

r/selfhosted 22h ago

PSA - Run "docker image prune" once in a while.


I just cleared up 142GB of space by doing so.

r/selfhosted 12h ago

chatgpt alternative


I have a quite powerfull server with a good NVidia GPU. I would like to install something like ChatGPT.

What I need:

- selfhosted on a Linux-Server --> WebGUI

- GPU Acceleration

- The possibility to upload PDFs, which should be processed and e.g. summarized.

What would you suggest?

r/selfhosted 15m ago

So I deployed Whoogle on my NAS....


Which is nice. And finally got it to launch and be the default when using the searchbar in FireFox.

But by GOD do they NOT want you to be able to easily add you own search engine. You need to go into the about:config settings, find an obscurely named property and set it to "true" to enable the add button in the search section of the FireFox settings. If not, that button is greyed out (!)

Judging by all the search hits on this particular issue. I am not alone in this. I now feel very strange, using a search that feels like Google actually did on day one. Which is now a very long time ago! (God I feel old)

It's shocking this is even allowed. But not suprising considering how they make their money.

If you can, just deploy it. Trust me.


r/selfhosted 5h ago

VPN Need help deciding on a VPN. I'm currently looking at PiVPN and (Headscale/tailscale).


I have a Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB) running only Paperless-NGX. My goal is to access not only Paperless but also other self-hosted items on my older Raspberry Pi remotely (apple time machine, etc). I'd like to preface that my wife is not tech-savvy. I will handle all the install and that part can be complicated but day-to-day use of the system should be seamless (hence why I'm looking at tailscale). Both systems work well with Pi-hole, which I plan to add as well. While I've searched, there are very few comparisons of PiVPN and Tailscale. Lastly, if it matters I would like to make my home the exit node. I welcome any and all feedback.

r/selfhosted 4h ago

Need Help "Bound" to my hosted services/infrastructure?


Hello Reddit!

I am running and hosting some services for my bigger hobby-blog and my voluntary team, which depends on reliable and working infrastructure. This includes a web server, mail server and so on.

For me personally, I am also using that infrastructure for my personal mails, cloud, and a lot more.

Now, always when travelling or being away, I feel "bound" to that things and keep thinking about taking my laptop, in case anything happens. I also have my phone by me, for checking what monitoring says. A (short) downtime would not be that big issue, but things like important security updates, security breaches and so on.

Also, important to say, that I have no second admin which could handle that for me while being away - if I had one, I would feel unwell managing him that, as my personal mails and data are also on that server.

How do you handle such things? I really like hosting services for my own, but I am thinking about giving that away. Don't know how to do that instead - do you have tips?

I really want to be away again with the feeling "I don't give a **** if anything happens, someone has my back".


r/selfhosted 1d ago

Photo Tools Immich will have breaking changes (again) in the next release


It should be fairly easy to understand. Remove the parts in the red and add the ones in the green, in the docker compose file.

Do be careful when updating.


r/selfhosted 22h ago

Best replacement for TeamViewer?


I think this has been asked before, but it's been a bit.

What is the best replacement for TeamViewer for windows clients? I need to be able to remote into a hand full of windows clients. I don't need a lot of extras, just remote access. Easy to setup and install is a great bonus!

r/selfhosted 15h ago

Mistborn Selfhosted


Guys, anyone has experience with Mistborn ?

It looks promising. If it's stable and a decent setup guide can be found, that will be amazing.

Please share your thoughts and/or experience about it.

r/selfhosted 19m ago

What can I do with a TS-670?


I switched to Synology last year so I have my old QNAP TS-670 just sitting on a shelf in my office. Looking for some ideas on what I can do with it. I don't want to use QTS, I heard that Unraid can run on these but haven't looked into it much.

Could it possibly be used as just a direct attached storage for my Plex server? Is it even worth using? I was going to buy 6 x 18-22TB drives.... will it even support that big? Looking for opinions if I should even waste my time messing with it.

r/selfhosted 21m ago

Is there a IaC (Infrastructure as Code) 101 on YouTube?


I keep moving forward with my self hosted home lab. I feel like I. Could do better, be more consistent, or more deployable with IaC.

I want to setup nodes amongst my family to host accumulated DVDs. In my vision I have various nodes setup the same way.

r/selfhosted 24m ago

How do I add and persist TOTP into a guacamole docker container setup?


Hi - I've gotten a basic Apache Guacamole setup done, using a few articles. For example, I can run the mysql container, guacd container, and the guacamole container. Then configure an SSH target, create a user, and get to the target. (and it works!). OH - and my 'mysql' directory is in a docker volume, so the user db persists.

The next thing we want to do is to setup the TOTP authentication extension. I created a docker volume, copied the jar file into /opt/guacamole/extensions (assume thats the right directory).

Next, I read that I need to edit guacamole.properties, which I found in /home/.guacamole/.

Next, it appears that I need to add some entries into the props file.

So here's the question - how should I go about editing the props file? vi and nano are not in the image. One option - I could copy it out, and then copy it in right after the docker run command, but that leaves the props file on the host file system.

Any solutions or Thoughts out there? Thanks in advance.

r/selfhosted 27m ago

Quix app


any host servers thats 18+

r/selfhosted 51m ago

Webserver How to Make an Always Free Ubuntu VPS RDP on Oracle Cloud | Oracle Cloud Free Tier | for Beginners


r/selfhosted 55m ago

Music manager with genius/smart list generator


Hi, I'm wondering if there is any way to get smart music lists based on similarity of the songs (tempo, dynamic range, etc.). I thought Apple Itunes Genius feature (deprecated years ago) had some offline algorithms behind it, but i read some papers saying that there is no black magic but only data analysis of user statistics.

So: there is any open source project trying to do something like this but using offline algorithms in a self hosted app? And, if not, maybe some plugin for sonar?


r/selfhosted 17h ago

Business Tools I need project/task management tool that I can self host


I have the following requirements; could you let me know if there is a software can do all this:

  1. Create task and its sub-tasks.
  2. Sub-tasks need to be done sequentially (one after the other) and each sub-task would be assigned to a different person.
  3. There should be a way to assign sequencing between sub-tasks.
  4. When a sub-task is completed, then an email would go to a person who has the next sub-task in the series.
  5. When a person sees his tasks, he would see only those sub-tasks which have become due (means, the previous sub-tasks are completed).

r/selfhosted 6h ago

Replacement for Apple's FindMy?


I recently switch from an iPhone to a Pixel 8 Pro. The feature I miss most is the ability to see where my immediate family is in the FindMy app.

Is there a self-hostable solution that can replace the FindMy capabilities?

r/selfhosted 7h ago

Docker Radicale cannot load SSL certificate


I'm trying to set up Radicale as a Dockerized calDav, cardDav server. Everything works fine when I set it up for http access but when I try to set it up for secure access I get the following in the container log:

[2023-12-08 01:51:25 +0000] [1] [CRITICAL] An exception occurred during server startup: Invalid filepath value for option 'certificate' in section 'server' in config file '/config/config': '/var/snap/nextcloud/37720/certs/certbot/config/live/<mydomain>.com/fullchain.pem' ([Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/snap/nextcloud/37720/certs/certbot/config/live/<mydomain>.com/fullchain.pem')

The file and directory does exist and I made sure that everyone has read/execute privilege to it.

Here is the docker command used to start the image:

sudo docker run -d --name radicale 
    -p 5232:5232 
    -v ~/docker/radicale:/data 
    -v ~/docker/radicale:/config:ro 

And here is the relevant section of the config file that Radicale uses:

hosts =
ssl = True
certificate = /var/snap/nextcloud/37720/certs/certbot/config/live/<mydomain>.com/fullchain.pem
key = /var/snap/nextcloud/37720/certs/certbot/config/live/<mydomain>.com/privkey.pem

Do I have to mount the cert location as a volume in the container??? If so, what is the mount point?

r/selfhosted 13h ago




I am new here and want to ask, which are the best on-premises OpenSource Tools for Project Management right now? I looked for OpenProject, Jira, and other stuff. But Maybe someone has a tool to suggest and some experiences with those above.


r/selfhosted 3h ago

Automation "No Code"/Low code face off?


Anyone compare a lot of no code options?

I've been checking out a lot of options, and curious the favorites are.

So far, my preference has been Windmill, but I've only tried a few so far and it really isn't "no code".

r/selfhosted 7h ago

Looking for a highlighting-notes-organized-storage app of some sort


Hey guys, I'm having a little trouble articulating this simply.

I'd like to be reading something, ideally on my Android phone, and when I see something I want to remember later (not the entire article) I'd like to be able to highlight it and, in as few steps possible, store that line or paragraph in a doc or database somewhere (self-hosted) with a link to the source (URL, article title, file name, whatever) automatically added.

I think the closest example I can think of is the feature in Google Books where you can highlight text in a book and it will automatically be saved in a 'notes' doc stored in your GDrive under the book/document title. But in addition to wanting to self-host instead of use Google products I also want to be able to highlight and store text from anywhere (especially Wallabag), not just eBooks.

Right now I'm highlighting text and using the share popup to share to an Obsidian doc and then going back and copying the link/title and returning to the Obsidian doc to paste that. If I'm using Chrome it does give the option to share the text with a source link but this option is not there when highlighting from an article in Wallabag or a downloaded PDF. Plus I'd like to get away from Chrome soon, too.

Does this exist? Am I overlooking something very obvious? Do I have to make it myself? Any help appreciated.

r/selfhosted 1h ago

Media Serving Amy good alternative to jellyfin/emby/plex?


Each one of those has deal breaker for me. Emby doesnt show thumbnails for tv shows folders and add folders of non media things. Jellyfin enforce video transcoding and disabling it cause it stream no audio? Wat!

Anyway are there others worth trying

r/selfhosted 5h ago

Webserver Upgrading from centOS 7, which linux is better with cPanel /WHM


I've dedicated centOS 7 (web) servers with cPanel/WHM. cPanel has stopped support for centOS 7. I've to migrate to a new dedicated server. I'm not sure which linux to choose next. Can anyone recommend stable and future proof linux version with cPanel?

P.S. cpanel community forum is fucked up as they have removed older forum posts and migrated to some shitty platform so can't expect any answer there as it is dead forum now hence posting here to get help.