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Welcome to /r/selfhosted!

We thank you for taking the time to check out the subreddit here!


The concept in which you host your own applications, data, and more. Taking away the "unknown" factor in how your data is managed and stored, this provides those with the willingness to learn and the mind to do so to take control of their data without losing the functionality of services they otherwise use frequently.

Some Examples

For instance, if you use dropbox, but are not fond of having your most sensitive data stored in a data-storage container that you do not have direct control over, you may consider NextCloud

Or let's say you're used to hosting a blog out of a Blogger platform, but would rather have your own customization and flexibility of controlling your updates? Why not give WordPress a go.

The possibilities are endless and it all starts here with a server.

Subreddit Wiki

There have been varying forms of a wiki to take place. While currently, there is no officially hosted wiki, we do have a github repository. There is also at least one unofficial mirror that showcases the live version of that repo, listed on the index of the reddit-based wiki

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If you're brand new to the sub, we highly recommend taking a moment to browse a couple of our awesome self-hosted and system admin tools lists.

Awesome Self-Hosted App List

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In any case, lot's to take in, lot's to learn. Don't be disappointed if you don't catch on to any given aspect of self-hosting right away. We're available to help!

As always, happy (self)hosting!

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Official Quarterly Post - Some Updates to the Sub


Hey there, folks! Back to another Quarterly post! I didn't want to post on the first, for fear of no one taking me seriously. Hope y'all had some fun with a some of the April Fools campaigns that made it through.

New Rule

Yes. I'm sorry. I'm doing it. Because there are too many people doing it wrong, and too many people falsely reporting these, but...

Rule #6 is being replaced, moving it down to Rule #7, to make way for a new rule and set of subrules delineating Blog Posts.

Here's the new rule set:

6. Blog Text Posts Are Allowed. They must follow the rules outlined below.

6a. You may not submit a link post directly to the blog post. A link to the blog must be in the body of the post.

6b. You should not only paste a link. Share a few sentences of what it is, why it's relevant, and how it can help. Or something that gives context as to why we should visit the link.

6c. Blog posts should be about a self-hosted tool, service, etc. All other rules that apply to posts to the subreddit apply to the content of any linked blog.

Something I need to point out for all the users we have that just love using the "blogspam" custom report reason is that blog posts were never disallowed. This is to clear the record; they're allowed, so long as they follow the new subset of rules being put into place today.

Drama Llama

Any posts, comments, content, links, or any other shared content with the purpose of stirring up any kind of drama will be removed. We love content, but we do not love drama, and in general, it makes all parties involved less credible. Just stop. For the love of all that is self-hosting, stop.

Lax Self-Promotion Enforcement

No, you're not wrong. I have been a bit lax in how I've been managing content that technically violates Rule #1, but otherwise is super helpful and useful for the community. It seems wrong to remove access to this information, data, tool, project, or post, just because the user behind the post wishes to keep their identity separate from their posting entity. In SPAMMY and blatent cases of self-promotion towards entities that are clearly not helpful to the community, action is always taken. However, I generally resort to removing via Rule #1 only if I otherwise need a reason to remove a post that doesn't quite fit elsewhere.

I hope this makes sense and is understandable. That said, please continue to report content you believe violates the self-promotion guidelines, as I rely heavily on those reports to see questionable content!

Hardware Posts

We have been experiencing an ever increasing number of posts related to hardware. If your question is related to the hardware itself, it does not belong here. this is a software focused subreddit. However, Hardware that can host software of the specific flavor we normally go for may be discussed as it pertains to hosting said software on Wednesdays, as it does follow the necessary rules allotted for that day.

Wiki Is Down

The wiki is down. I've replaced the link in the sidebar with the link to the GitHub. If you wish to view it in its current state (Pull requests are still and always will be encouraged to update content and add wiki pages), you can follow the instructions on the repo to get a local instance up and running.


You've reached the end! phew

What a post. I wish it were more positive like I'm normally able to do, but this winter has been a...rough one.

Cheers to all, and too all a happy (self)hosting!

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In search for a IP camera that works in LAN only and needs no access to the internet


Effectively title. I am searching a IP camera (as in reachable via configured IP) that doesn’t need access to the internet. Any recommendations? I am based in germany if that makes a difference. Thanks a lot in advance.

r/selfhosted 1d ago

PSA: if you pay the 0.99 iCloud storage subscription, you can host your custom domain email on iCloud too.


I know this is not selfhosting, but I randomly replied about this a couple of weeks ago on a yet another email hosting post and today got my 4th DM asking about it.

iCloud+ (which is when you pay for iOS backup) includes custom domain hosting. I had no idea too. There are no hacks or undocumented stuff involved. I’ve been paying for the 50GB storage option because it’s only $1 a month and makes switching between iOS devices so easy and convenient. I have also been paying for mailbox.org for years. This year mailbox.org raised their prices from $1 to $3 a month and included a bunch of additional online meeting, docs, etc services that I have no use for. While I understand the need to keep up with inflation and everything, I’m a very light email user. I have maybe 700MBs in total in my email account, and send maybe a dozen emails a month. I started shopping around for a mailbox alternative when I learned that I could already cover this with my iCloud+ subscription (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201238) and my mind was blown.

I used to use fastmail before mailbox.org, and the process for updating DNS was always straightforward, but manual. You just go through their docs, copy/paste a couple of stuff, and you’re good. iCloud honestly took it to another level for me. It asked if I want an automated setup, I said sure, it asked for my domain, figured out it was from cloudflare, poped up a cloudflare SSO I’ve never seen before, then proposed a bunch of changes to my DNS records that I approved, and everything was done.

Anyway, just thought I’d post about this here in case anyone was interested. I searched this sub for iCloud, and didn’t find a similar post so excuse me if it’s a duplicate.

r/selfhosted 13h ago

Product Announcement Umbrel has just announced their own hardware: Umbrel Home...


For background: If you didnt know, Umbrel is a relatively popular software for selfhosting, mostly aimed at beginners or casuals i would say. It can be installed on top of a existing compatible OS like Ubuntu or Debian, or can be run as standalone. Its basically a neat webinterface to control some apps that (i think) are handled in the background with docker. It is very similar to CasaOS, Tipi and in parts similar to Yunohost.

So Umbrel has just announced their own hardware, a homeserver called "Umbrel Home".

Link to the announcement on their page. Youtube trailer.

Nice Apple-ish product video, but not a lot of hardware details mentioned... and then the price, a whopping 668€ (that would be in Germany including taxes, i dont know the USD price sorry).

And the Umbrel Co-Founder shared these exciting news with us here on the subreddit, in this post that now isnt visible anymore when browsing the sub. After i mentioned some (i believe fair and detailed) critique based on the hardware and the asking price... the Co-Founder reacts by deleting their entire Reddit account. What?! Honestly thats not the reaction i want to see from a company that receives a single comment on their product and asking more than twice the price of the basic hardware. But thats for everyone else to judge.

As i mentioned in my original comment, i will simply try to recommend more CasaOS and Yunohost in the furure ;) But i already did since imo Umbrel lacks a few features that Casa of example has, for example last time i tried it (~2 months ago) i couldnt add my own apps to it, like with a docker run or docker-compose.yml. I was stuck with the apps that they have in their "app store". And a lot of those are crypto related, which i simply do not care for. CasaOS i was able to add my own things into it. Yuno (i think) doesnt use Docker in the background for the apps and i didnt try it enough to know more details.

Right now im trying out Tipi as i have only heard about this once or twice here but never took a real look at it.

But this thread shouldnt be another drama-thread, we all hate those. There is no need to shit on these developers. I can only imagine that this guy was stressed out because of this launch and simply reacted badly to feedback. Not a good reaction at all, but we are all human. Some of us.

I believe it still deservers its place here given that the product is aimed exactly at the selfhosting community, and it comes with Umbrel as the OS which kinda makes it fitting here for selfhosting software services.

So what are anyone elses thoughts on this product?

Am i missing maybe something very obvious that justifies the price? Someone in the original thread mentioned software being included. But Umbrel the "OS" is already free and "opensource". Of course devs should and need to get paid for their efforts, but putting existing software on top of 300€ hardware, even stripping out some hardware parts, and then asking more than twice the price at 668€ for it... thats a bit extreme i think.


Okay a small update to this. First, it looks like /u/lukechilds123 is another member of the Umbrel team and they have posted this thread here on the sub. I can see in their post history that they left comments trying to get my attention about the other post being removed, but for some reason i never received those mentions, and i cant even load their comments, its only visible in the history. Very weird again but whatever, here is what they tried to pass along:

Mayank is my cofounder, he didn't delete his account, we're not quite sure what happened but it looks like potentially his account got deleted by mods after posting all the announcement posts. He asked me to forward this to you from him here:

Mods deleted their account? cough /u/kmisterk are you a reddit admin now? :D

Of course there is such a thing as automatic spam protection on reddit, and people can get banned (not deleted) for that. I believe it is possible that their comment got automatically removed, but considering the amount of spam we see here in the sub every day, from fresh accounts with no karma (FRANK`s) and they dont get auto-deleted by reddit, they last for weeks or months. And i believe its very unlikely that somehow reddit deleted their account for this, if at all, reddit bans accounts for spam and such. Deleted account, imo, is done by the user themself and nobody else. And i think we can all agree that no moderator, not even kmisterk here, can delete accounts. So whatever, it smells fishy but who cares. drama > /dev/null

Idgaf now what spamfilter deleted it or not. I am curious why this thing has this insane price.

Out of fairness to the Umbrel team, i want to take the chance here in the OP to point out that the /u/getumbrel account has also replied here now, apparently used by the same co-founder that "got deleted". Here is the link to their comment. Otherwise it might get drowned here.

A important piece from there is:

To address the feedback on price, we hear you, and do want to point out that the form factor of Umbrel Home is way smaller than a regular NUC with similar specs. With a smaller form factor, we also had to use a 2242 SSD, which are priced considerably higher, especially in 2TB configuration vs. a 2280 drive. The materials and finish are also higher quality than most NUCs out there, and we’ve put a significant effort into the product design.

So their product is "way" smaller than a typical NUC. Great! But how much smaller? They dont seem to mention exact dimensions anywhere. And i am surprised that only a 2242 drive did fit in there, when its just little bit shorther than a typical 2280. And they have plenty of room inside because they have any WLAN/BT module and not its 2232 slot, less USB ports, no HDMI/DP ports. Basically a lot less inside than the comparable NUC would have, so making it smaller (if thats a must) shouldnt be too much of a problem without needing to use a much more expensive (and low on stock) 2242 drive. This just seems odd to me.

And the materials and finish are of higher quality? Cool, we all love quality! But what materials are they? Again, no details.

So i guess we have to accept that the reason this thing costs twice as much as a same performance NUC, it that its maybe a bit smaller and maybe the top of it is made of aluminium?

r/selfhosted 14h ago

Need Help ISP flagged me for botnet - looking for self-hosted network monitoring


Hey all,

Title, basically. Got a letter from my ISP stating they detected "botnet malware" from my network and advised me to run a scan. Called support, explained the situation and the guy was very helpful but unfortunately limited in what he was allowed to do (or even say). He got me a ticket open with the SOC, but their response time might be a week, so I'm not really putting much faith in getting an answer from them.

I'm a network engineer, so I'm comfortable with most network security topics. I don't have any devices on my network that I don't know about, and try to keep random passwords whenever possible, especially on my self-hosted kit.

I have DD-WRT running on my router (TP-Link Archer C7) and I noticed in February and April my incoming daily usage was consistently 30-40GB, whereas in most months I'd barely break 5GB a day.

I have about 60 networked devices, spread across "smart" appliances (light bulbs, echo, etc.), laptops, raspberry pi, work/personal machines, smart watches, etc. and expect this number to increase to close to 80 once my gf moves in.

Unfortunately, DD-WRT doesn't give me granular details on what devices are generating the traffic, or what the specific flows are, so I'm looking for something that I can self-host (perhaps on my spare Pi4?) and get detailed view into what is potentially getting flagged by them.

Appreciate any leads, thanks.

r/selfhosted 5h ago

Need Help Thinking of launching a forum what is currently state of the art?


I want to setup a new forum for a community of friends. I was thinking about phpbb just because that’s kind of what I remember, but I feel like there has to be better options out there by now. I am also somewhat nervous about security holes.

r/selfhosted 11h ago

Inventory Management for anything & everything


Alright reddit hive mind I'm looking for a specific tool I saw on here probably a year or two ago. It's a specific tool for inventorying anything and everything via a simple self-defined nested list. The dev talked about some strategies--such as how they stored thousands of items, and that if you're too organized IRL you won't use the tool.

It sounded interesting at the time but I don't think I've heard about it since. So I'm curious if something happened. Did the dev give up on it, did people not find it useful? Any follow-up would be much appreciated as well.

Surely someone remembers the name of this tool, or even the website?

Note: I love snipe-IT (and use it) but I am specifically looking for this tool.

Update: It was storedown! Credit to /u/Barp_the_Wire for having a better memory (or google-fu) than me!

r/selfhosted 19m ago

Need Help Selfhosted service is not using the generated Let's Encrypt certificate.


Hi. I've got NGINX Reverse Proxy Manager up and running with HTTP so with knowing that I had networking working, I moved on to SSL certificates. The certificate from Let's Encrypt is generated without issue but the problem is that when I hit my service (grocy.<CNAME>), the browser (Chrome) still complains that it is insecure. Looking at the certificate explains the error because instead of it being Issued By Let's Encrypt, I see what I think is a self-signed certificate: CN=*, O=Linuxserver.io, OU=LSIO Server. I played (failed) with SWAG and Caddy before working with NPM so I don't know if those failed attempts are responsible for this odd certificate. I'm running a proof-of-concept setup in Docker Windows with WSL2 because I wanted to determine if I was going to be able to derive value before I invested in additional hardware. Any ideas where this certificate is coming from and how to remove it or get the service to use the generated certificate? I ran the serial number of this certificate through Windows' certmsg.msc with no results. I'm baffled.

r/selfhosted 1h ago

Containerized MedusaJS


Anyone know if there’s a containerized version of Medusa out there somewhere? I’ve done some cursory searching w/in kubernetes/docker and came up short.

I’m trying to move a site from Shopify and self-host, but love the simplicity I get with containers when I’m not the only one doing sysadmin.

If there’s another option besides Medusa someone knows of, I’m all ears. I don’t do traditional ecomm just sell digital services. I currently run a lot of backoffice through suitedash…. That one is next on the hosting chopping block.

r/selfhosted 2h ago

Cloudflare tunnels and iOS apps


Is there a way to configure Cloudflare tunnels such that iOS apps such as Nextcloud and Jellyfin can be used? I can access the services on web browser but the apps cannot login to the server. I don’t want to use Cloudflare WARP to get this working.

r/selfhosted 12h ago

Piwigo selfhosted vs others


I see quite a few posts about self hosted photo storage. They all talk about setups with photoprism. Immich and more. However I only see a few mentions of Piwigo. Is there any explanation for this, as I am testing it and it actually does pretty good (I have abandoned Photoprism, still testing Immich as well)

r/selfhosted 3h ago

Seeking Advice on Backing Up Emails from External Email Providers - Not Hosting


Hello, fellow Redditors!

I'm in need of some guidance regarding backing up emails from external email providers, and I'm hoping that the knowledgeable community here can provide some valuable insights. While I don't self-host my email, I still want to ensure the safety and availability of my emails by implementing a reliable backup solution (self-hosted).

I would greatly appreciate it if you could share your experiences and recommendations on effective ways to backup emails from external providers. Here are a few specific questions I have:

  1. Are there any third-party tools or services that you would recommend for backing up emails from external providers?
  2. What are the best practices for ensuring the security and privacy of my backed-up emails?
  3. How frequently should I perform backups to keep my data up-to-date without overwhelming the backup process?
  4. Are there any specific considerations or limitations I should be aware of when backing up emails from external providers?

I understand that each email provider may have different options and restrictions, so any platform-agnostic advice or recommendations would be highly appreciated.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for sharing your knowledge.

Note: This post is specifically focused on backing up emails from external providers rather than self-hosted email setups.

r/selfhosted 7h ago

GIT Management Gitea CICD


So now that Gitea has CICD and im late to the party... but i was overseas.... so with a CICD system that has a similar format to GHA (act) are you guys migrating your pipelines from things like DroneCI?

Have you seen any benefits? One less app to host perhaps?

Better syntax and potential compatibility with other tools?

Or maybe you decided to stay in your current tool, which one is it and why?

r/selfhosted 9h ago

Web-based IRC log parser/viewer/analyzer


I've been running an IRC channel for many years and I've finally been able to obtain a complete log file with almost 20 years of data from when the channel was created until it was shut down. There is a ton of interesting information in the log file and I would love some way of displaying it (and make it wife-friendly).

Does anyone know if there are any web-based, selfhostable viewers that would allow me to browse and search the logs? Preferably something similar to an actual IRC client with colored usernames and full text search support? I've browsed GitHub, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of options and the few systems that sound interesting barely have any info om how/if they work.

r/selfhosted 11h ago

Product Announcement Infisical: Open source SecretOps platform for developers

Thumbnail github.com

r/selfhosted 4h ago

How do you organize accounts and passwords in your self-hosted environment?



I am hosting a bunch of stuff in my homelab, but I do not have a good concept of users and password. I am not as diligent as I am online (in the real internet) with using different usernames, email addresses and passwords for the different services. How do you handle that?

  • SSO solution (authentik etc.)?
  • Password manager
  • don't care because no port open

Hosting authentik was quite a hassle and I gave up on it, although from a technology perspective it seems to be the best solution.

r/selfhosted 2h ago

Solved Nextcloud internal server error


So my nextcloud has been bugging out recently...it started as just my desktop client not being able to find the server and all I had to do was sign-in via a web browser and it would work again, but now I get this message on my desktop client. I also see this from the webpage. Both on the domain and the IP address.

As a note, I run this off a raspberri pi using a docker container on Ubuntu LTS 20.04. All my other containers are working as expected. I've tried stopping and starting the container, restarting, redeploying, and even recreating it both via portainer and through the cli. No matter what I get the same result. I can't make sense of the logs even googling stuff so I'm coming here for help as I've had luck here after researching.

Logs (sanitized)

r/selfhosted 6h ago

Need Help SelfHost WebPanel over cloudflare tunel at home


Greeting everyone, first post here. I currently just learned about cloudflare tunnel and i was wondering something.

Can you host multiple domain at home with any kind of webpanel thats will work with cloudflare tunel ? It is possible ?

I already run a wordpress docker container on a cloudflare tunel, but the lack of web panel to manage setting and other thing make me nervous.

I know you can do thats with a reverse proxy like caddy and nginx proxy manager but i prefert not exposing port on my home connection.

Thank you for your time.

r/selfhosted 6h ago

Need Help WOL from shutdown not working on Asrock Z370


Hey hopefully you guys might have some advice for this.

Working with guacamole and trying to setup all my machines to wake from lan when shutdown.

I have it working on multiple machines, but cannot get it to work on this one machine with an Asrock z370 on windows 11. I have enabled wake on pcie in the bios, and enabled it in the network adapter on windows. I can get the computer to wake from sleep mode, but not from shutdown. So that tells me that the windows settings are correct if it wakes from sleep, since windows handles sleep. But won't wake from shutdown.

I checked deep sleep settings, that is disabled.

Fast boot is disabled, not sure if that has any affect on this or not...

Any advice here?

r/selfhosted 12h ago

Cloud Gaming Solution


Hello all, I've been looking to set up a cloud gaming server that I can access both locally and outside of my network. The main GPU components will be two RTX 3080 GPUs that I would like to passthrough to a hypervisor, and then maybe split the resources into several VMs as needed. Obviously I'm not looking to have MAX performance with Ray Tracing and 4k and everything on the VMs, but I would still like to maximize performance depending on the game I'm playing.

One of the main ideas is for my kids to be able to use it locally. I have 2 old laptops that they currently use for things and some "gaming", but if I'm able to set this up then they can just log in to a more powerful VM from those laptops then ideally they're able to play Minecraft smoothly and other games in our library. I've watched some youtube from Craft Computing and others to get some idea, but I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations, do's and don'ts, and any experience with this on how it actually runs. I don't want to go through all the trouble to get this set up and then the games are still not "playable". I appreciate the help.

r/selfhosted 7h ago

Automation I'm looking for some type of software to run on my Windows server that can relaunch services and applications if they happen to crash


r/selfhosted 7h ago

Need Help Need help with Reverse Proxy config for docker-wyze-bridge


EDIT: I have found the solution.

--- Original Question Below ---

I am working on setting up docker-wyze-bridge to be able to access my wyze cameras' WebRTC streams via reverse proxy. To make sure everything was working, I left the proxy out of the equation and just exposed the default ports on the host via the docker config. With that setup, I can successfully access the WebRTC stream by going to http://myhost:8889/camera-name

Now I'd like to secure that behind my reverse proxy. I'm using Linuxserver.io's SWAG, so all proxy configs are NGINX config files. I'm trying to make it so I can go to https://cam.mydomain.com/webrtc/camera-name and have that route to the same internal URL as above (http://containerIP:8889/camera-name), but I can't get it to route properly.

docker-compose.yaml snippet:

  image: mrlt8/wyze-bridge
  container_name: wyze-bridge
    - WB_IP= # Host's IP address on local network
    - WB_WEBRTC_URL=https://cam.mydomain.com/webrtc
  env_file: /srv/_docker-env/wyze-bridge.env
    # - WYZE_EMAIL
    # - TOTP_KEY
    - 8189:8189/udp # WebRTC/ICE
  restart: always

And my relevant wyzebridge.subdomain.conf NGINX config file:

server {
  listen 443 ssl;
  listen [::]:443 ssl;

  server_name cam.*;

  include /config/nginx/ssl.conf;

  client_max_body_size 0;

  location /webrtc/ {
    include /config/nginx/proxy.conf;
    include /config/nginx/resolver.conf;
    set $upstream_app wyze-bridge;
    set $upstream_port 8889;
    set $upstream_proto http;
    proxy_pass $upstream_proto://$upstream_app:$upstream_port/;

    proxy_buffering off;

  location / {
    include /config/nginx/proxy.conf;
    include /config/nginx/resolver.conf;
    set $upstream_app wyze-bridge;
    set $upstream_port 5000;
    set $upstream_proto http;
    proxy_pass $upstream_proto://$upstream_app:$upstream_port;

    proxy_buffering off;

When I try to go to https://cam.mydomain.com/webrtc/camera-name I'm getting an HTTP 404 error. Can anyone help me figure out what I have configured wrong?

r/selfhosted 7h ago

Media Serving Alternatives for twoseven for a college couple.


My GF and I will be 3 hours away at the end of summer at our respective universities. We have been an hour away since the start of last school year as she graduated from community college and moved to uni. We have used two seven to watch some downloaded videos, but it’s slow and not very privacy focused.

I have a homelab i use for nextcloud, Minecraft, and other stuff. But I was wondering if there where any self hosted twoseven alternatives?

I’m running unraid as my OS.

I looked into open together tube. But there is no docker for that in the unraid App Store. And I hear plex has this as a feature. But I was confused if that worked with the self hosted version of plex? I will attempt to get open together tube working on a VM but there are no good guides and I am very much a noob.

r/selfhosted 4h ago

Self hosted SMS Gateway, issues...

Post image

I want to build / selfhost a 'SMS Gateway Server ( platform?.. )' using multiple phones.

Yess, i know there are bulk SIM Card things..

Yess, iknow those are a one stop solution...


Multiple advantages, does a setup like above bring me.

So please just help me think of an enclosure.

P.s. i am sorry for the random post in maybe i think the wrong subreddit ;P

The phones that are gonna get used are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 (Root + Some Rom)
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (Stock Rom)
  • Samsung Galaxy Gio #1 (CWM Rom)
  • Samsung Galaxy Gio #2 (CWM Rom)
  • Samsung Galaxy Gio #3 (CWM Rom
  • Samsung Galaxy Gio #4 (CWM Rom)

Servers in use and for the 2yr+ future: - HP Pavillion DL360p - Dell PowerEdge R610

Every 'rooted' device canbe fully taken overand therefore use a remote tool, to access EVERYTHING including cal & sms.

I want to solder a two wire, long wire, with each xx centimeters, to split to another phone.

So that when i press the btn ( sonoff wifi ) on the end of the long soldered wire, every phone will get a pwrbuttn signal, at once.

r/selfhosted 8h ago

PiAlert docker can scan it's VLAN but not others



I installed PiAlert via it's docker container with network type set to "Host".
My network has 5 VLANs, managed by Unifi hardware.

In PiAlert settings, I put these subnets to scan: --interface=br0 --interface=br0 --interface=br0 --interface=br0 --interface=br0

The container is on

The problem is that PiAlert succeed to scan the devices on it's VLAN ( but not on other VLANs...

I checked Unifi config but haven't see nothing that can cause this.
On the Firewall, all the requests from network to other VLANs are allowed.

I also tested to put VLAN id from Unifi like stated in the dock but it throws me an error: --interface=br0 -vlan=2 --interface=br0 -vlan=3 --interface=br0 -vlan=4 --interface=br0 -vlan=5 --interface=br0 -vlan=6

Somebody can help me ? Thanks.

r/selfhosted 1h ago

Email Management My self hosted email service


I made my own email service because I couldn't find anything like it. Url in my profile.

Nobody is using it though and it took Reddit two weeks to approve my ads, starting tomorrow I hope. So I'm thinking of building a VPS provider with Proxmox. Hosting is a bigger market than email anyway.

What do you think, should I do it? Started building a VPN provider too but it felt boring.

I mean DigitalOcean and vultr look great but they're ADHD for me. I want something simple. I don't want to read endless documentation and click on endless buttons on menu options to get something done. Just give me hardware.

I'll check if Proxmox or any other virtualization hypervisor has the option to swap virtual hardware live, like add a CPU to an existing OS that booted, or add more memory or add more disk. Is this possible?